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tending to your soulful self with

energy medicine for your wholeness and spiritual awakening

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We are here to remember the truth of who we are.

Everything is energy, including you and me.
As beings of energy, when we join together and when we are consciously connecting, healing and awakening occur. 

If you're ready to release that which no longer resonates with you or that which interferes with you creating your life in fulfilling joy, pleasure, and love,

I am here to support and guide you in your personal healing and awakening journey through various sacred modalities and effective processes.

As a healing artist, my role is to lovingly and gently offer modalities specific to you,

hold compassionate space, and remind you that, despite how you may feel

when we align with the truth of who we indeed are and as our Soulful Selves, we remember...

Everything Always Works Out.

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Available remotely. In person TBD.

Everything is Energy, including you and me. My sessions include Healing Touch™ Energy Medicine and utilizing *The Energy Codes™ based on Dr. Sue Morter's work and training. Sessions are effectively given remotely only at this time.

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As a Certified B.E.S.T. & Spiritual BE.S.T. (BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique) Healing Touch Practitioner HTP, and Remote Healer, I apply heart-centered Energy medicine to assist in restoring natural health by clearing, opening, energizing, and balancing your energy fields or chakras as well as clear subconscious interference that blocks our ability to live in abundant health on all levels.  Either of these relaxing, nurturing, and balancing sessions can be highly effective and beneficial, to manage and relieve pain, trauma, stress, depression, anxiety, and physical challenges by bringing the body back to wholeness.  Both may be administered in person or long-distance. At this time, available remotely only.  In-person sessions TBD.


As a Certified Energy Codes Facilitator, Energy Codes Coach/Mentor (Trained by Dr. Sue Morter), Certified N.L.P.-Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Certifed Breath-work& Certified Yoga Teacher, and Advanced Theta Healer, I utilized a combination of my knowledge, skills, and embodiment modalities to facilitate great shifts in my Mentoring sessions. These are modalities that I've been embodying in my own life and am living the benefits of daily.  Remembering nothing is wrong with us, only perceptions and energetic interference. We address the energy, not the story which empowers us to indeed activate, emerge enlivening, and embody what is authentically our True Self. Available only remotely at this time. In-person sessions TBD.

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Ninety-minute session working with both the Energy Codes® Mentoring session along with either B.E.S.T.™, Spiritual B.E.S.T., or Healing Touch™  depending on what is the priority presenting itself in your session. Clients enjoy this impactful session that allows them to shift, learn self-healing modalities,  and receive healing to anchor and embody. 

"Based on the profound wisdom of Quantum and Traditional sciences, the Energy Codes® will help you navigate challenging emotions, clear subconscious beliefs, and manifest your dreams so you can live from the space of creator-ship and fulfillment. The goal of this Mentoring is to help you create a Quantum Flip® where you completely change your sense of identity and begin

operating from the truer eternal "you"

rather than the performing or protective personality. Your life becomes nourished. From the Inside Out-your health and relationships improve. You gain a greater sense of peace and trust and you awaken to your true life's purpose."

One hour and a half is only offered remotely at this time. In-person TBD.

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Aline is a true Earth Angel. I have seen many healers in the past. Aline is the first one to create real and long lasting change in my life. She did long distance healing and guided meditations for me. I have seen and felt so many positive changes. My friends and family have noticed the difference. I feel a lightness I can't explain and true peace of mind. I highly recommend her! Thank you Aline from the center of my heart xoxoxo

Sophia Oliver

Aline has a powerful loving and nurturing presence. I have always felt completely held and accepted during our sessions. She has helped me immensely in aligning and lifting my energy during some darker times in my life. I always leave her sessions feeling at peace and joyful. The beautiful thing is she works at deep levels so this feeling stays! Of course there is personal upkeep but she also helped me set goals to stay the course. I highly recommend Aline! She is a true genuine healer.

Anna Carver

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