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Aline Love
HTP, ECCF, & B.E.S.T. Practitioner



tending to your soulful self with

energy medicine 

Imagine having a loving "spiritual perspective shifter" as your guide and mentor who could remind you and reveal to you the beautiful magic and power that is you... and who could guide you to shift your subconscious mind. 
What kind of transformation would you want: bodily healing, financial independence, spiritual awakening, and prosperity beyond your wildest dreams? 
What would you do? 

What if you believed that everything always works out for your highest good and that everything…YES, EVERYTHING that has happened in your life is a blessing.
What if you were empowered to rewrite your story and change your life? 

What actions would you take to love the life you live?
Contact me, and let's discover how you can become empowered, heal, and create what you want! 

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Available both in person and remotely.

My unique sessions include A UNIQUE COMBINATION of :

Energy Codes Coaching®, Teaching, Mentoring,  B.E.S.T.®, and/or Healing Touch™ 
During each of your sessions, I will muscle test to see if potentially one or more practice is needed: 

  • Breath-Practices

  • Empowerment Practices

  • Self-Healing Practices

  • Manifestation Practices

  • Life Mastery Creation

  • Specific Yoga Poses

  • Basic Human Design Chart

Bio-Energetic Energy Medicine is based on Dr. Sue Morter's work and direct training.

Sessions are effectively given in person and remotely. Read more about each below.

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Discover the Power of Energy Codes Coaching®, Mentoring and Teachings - Transform Your Life

As a Certified Energy Codes Coach® and Facilitator® as well as a Certified Yoga and Breathwork instructor, I apply heart-centered support with empowering coaching, mentoring, guiding, and strategizing to help you shift from your protective personality to your authentic self, the Soulful Self. I assist you in rewriting your life and navigating health events, emotions, conversations, and relationships. I also guide you in owning your authenticity and True Self and teach you effective modalities to self-heal with breath and movement. 


As a Healing Touch® Practitioner, I use hands-on energy therapy to restore balance, energize, and harmonize your energy system. Together, we create a heart-centered space for healing, addressing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Healing Touch Research, supported by reputable institutions, validates its efficacy across numerous challenges such as cancer, cardiovascular health, death and dying, fertility, pain, postoperative recovery, and stress, fostering a holistic approach to health. While slightly similar to Reiki H.T.  is accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.


As a certified B.E.S.T. Practitioner, I guide you in eliminating subconscious barriers that impact your health. Utilizing gentle touches and energy techniques, we address a range of challenges—pain, trauma, stress, and more—by harmonizing your body's natural rhythms. B.E.S.T. empowers self-healing and growth, allowing you to live authentically and fully aligned. Experience deep shifts, relief, revitalization, and a deeper connection to your True Self through transformative B.E.S.T. sessions. Rewrite your story at the root!

Your journey to abundant and soulful living starts here.

Click on the button below to find your session

1.5 Hour Sessions Available

Aline is a true Earth Angel. I have seen many healers in the past. Aline is the first one to create real and long lasting change in my life. She did long distance healing and guided meditations for me. I have seen and felt so many positive changes. My friends and family have noticed the difference. I feel a lightness I can't explain and true peace of mind. I highly recommend her! Thank you Aline from the center of my heart xoxoxo  ~ Sophia Oliver

Aline has a powerful loving and nurturing presence. I have always felt completely held and accepted during our sessions. She has helped me immensely in aligning and lifting my energy during some darker times in my life. I always leave her sessions feeling at peace and joyful. The beautiful thing is she works at deep levels so this feeling stays! Of course there is personal upkeep but she also helped me set goals to stay the course. I highly recommend Aline! She is a true genuine healer.  ~ Anna Carver

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