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Listed below are several of my offerings,  and  two
of my main individual energy sessions 
for your well being.

Please connect with me with any questions about what I do or whatever you'd like to chat about concerning your healing.
I'm here to help


  • Incorporating: Energy Codes Mentoring, B.E.S.T., Healing Touch,Crysta...

    1 hr 30 min

    145 US dollars
  • Spiritual guidance and healing, with love, empathy and empowering you ...

    2 hr

    208 US dollars
  • Flower essences

    1 hr

    108 US dollars
  • One:One 3 Days- Ceremonial Healing Reboot and Ascension Retreat Experi...

    72 hr

    2,800 US dollars

  • 96 hr

    3,300 US dollars

  • 2 hr

    500 US dollars

CORONA virus info: Your safety is my top priority.

For in person services, masks may be used and the use of hand sanitizer (provided by me) may be used for both myself and my guest.

If you believe wearing a mask hinders your ability to receive a service, please contact me for information about potential exceptions.

Between every session and service, 

  • I remove and replace all sheets. Clean replacements are stored in closed cabinetry.

  • I disinfect all surfaces that may have been touched or handled during the service with products registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for Use Against Emerging Enveloped Viral Pathogens.

  • All equipment and tools that may have been used in the service are disinfected. 


I ensure that 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer is available at all times and use a Molekule Air Purifier at all times, which kills airborne pathogens.


I closely monitor the CDC’s designated safety watch and warning levels and implement additional measures as appropriate.


Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

(619) 952-0946

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