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Listed below are details of my individual energy healing therapies and offerings for your well-being and transformation. All sessions include credit card/PayPal fees at checkout.

Please email or call me if you have any questions and/or to book your session.

My purpose is to be of service.

Woman standing in blue dress holding client's feet
Energy Medicine Session


As an Energy Medicine Practitioner, I apply either heart-centered B.E.S.T.® (BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique) and/or Healing Touch®  modalities to assist in restoring natural health by clearing, opening, energizing, and balancing your energy fields and chakras. These sessions ignite, enliven, emerge, and embody your inner healer. This relaxing, nurturing, and balancing experience has been highly effective and beneficial both in person and remotely with my clients.  Many people have experienced the elimination of pain, both emotional and physical, stress reduction, fertility, and a greater sense of balance, and peace within themselves.  Available both remotely and in-person. 

Buddha statues in green forest
Energy Codes™


I've been honored to be trusted as a support mentor for life-changing and healing guidance for many clients for many years. I incorporate the Energy Codes™ in my practice with astounding results, with my clients able to shift and transform from anxiety, depression, phobias, and relationship issues to creating a life of love,  abundance, and freedom. Awareness, compassion, healing, clarity, and creating are the phases that we go through when we are committed to our healing journey. Eventually, we live from our Soul; our Mind is our servant to our Soul, and we simply feel good, grateful, and joy-filled. It's happened for me, it will happen for you if you choose it. Available both in person and remotely at this time.

woman's face smiling wearing blue dress
Mentoring Session


Ninety-minute or two-hour sessions utilizing and working with both the Energy Codes® Mentoring session along with either B.E.S.T.™ or Healing Touch™  for an impactful session that allows you to shift and receive healing to center, ground, balance, and embody. 


"Based on the profound wisdom of Quantum and Traditional sciences, the Energy Codes® will help you navigate challenging emotions, clear subconscious beliefs, and manifest your dreams so you can live from the space of creator-ship and fulfillment. The goal of this coaching is to help you create a Quantum Flip® where you completely change your sense of identity and begin operating from the truer eternal "you" rather than the performing or protective personality. Your life becomes nourished from the Inside-Out. Your health and relationships improve. You gain a greater sense of peace and trust, and you awaken to your true life's purpose."

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